Return Mount Zaku Tenari to the Natives


We call this crowdfunding for the Sierra Nevada a GROUNDfunding because we are going to buy back land in order to protect the Sacred Water sources, their birthplace and heritage of the Indigenous peoples. The mission is to crowdfund Mount Zaku Tenari and return it to its rightful owners in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. The rightful owners are four Indigenous tribes, the Kogi's, the Wiwas, the Arhuaca's and the Kankuamo's. Together they are the protectors of the Heart of the Earth.


We hereby appeal to your heart to climb this mountain together

with the many water sources, for the good of all, to buy back.


At present, Mount Zaku Tenari is threatened with drying out and extinction of the very extensive flora and fauna through sheer greed. Greed to mine gold. This mountain covers an area of ​​100 hectares, of which 20 hectares are freshwater springs, which flow further inland to supply the entire valley with life.


There is in fact an advanced plan to mine gold from the mountain, farmers are bought out with large amounts for their land, large multinationals from Japan pay the mining companies in Colombia to get the gold out of the ground. They really don't care that the whole mountain will die, the waters inland will never flow again, the inhabitants will not be able to eat from their gardens and nature will be totally destroyed if these plans go ahead. And all this for gold, a raw material that belongs in the earth for an earth in balance.


There is an early consultation going on between the Indigenous people and UNESCO World Heritage, to see if this important territory can be protected, a decision will follow in July. We hope that we have crowdfunded the entire amount before then to be able to buy the mountain back earlier.


Are you joining us?

Because with the decisions we make now we ensure a green, healthy earth for ourselves

our children and all generations to come...


This 100 hectare mountain is invaluable energetically, but has a monetary value of 395,000 euros. It only takes a few people with the heart in the right place to save this beautiful piece of Earth. The Waters will continue to flow, the plants and animals will remain alive and what is most important is that the Indigenous people can continue to share their wisdom in order to bring and keep the earth in balance. We dare to think big for the collective, for the Earth. Everything is already there, the money that circulates liberally everywhere on earth, only needs to be manifested by donating.

We can create that new earth TOGETHER, stand together for the Earth. 

Money is an exchange of energy and if we donate from our HEART, not only will the mountain be returned to the Indigenous peoples and thus to the Earth itself, but also a lot of positive, healing energy will circulate around the Earth. Do you also feel that you want to contribute to a healthy earth in balance?


Make your contribution now, every contribution from your Heart, big or small, counts.

in English in the near future