Collaboration with the Native Tribes.

Spirious is on/has the/ a mission to restore the balance on Earth together with Indigenous tribes. They have inherited a lot of knowledge from their ancestors and live in deep connection with the Earth, the cosmos and all that lives. They read nature, hear what it needs and live in total balance in unity with all that lives.


When we were invited to the winter solstice 2020 in the closed territory of the Arhuaca Indians in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, we received education, various clearings, ceremonies and circles to remember who we are, where we come from, that we all are one and more importantly .... what our task/ job is. We were there with the Kogis, the Wiwas, the Arhuacas and the Kankuamos.


We were given a mission to protect the land and waters of Indigenous tribes around the world and provide them with a platform so that they can share their wisdom worldwide. We work with donations and crowdfunding, to be able to use these funds to buy back land that has been taken from them by the government, colonization, corruption, mining, etc. etc. When the land is again under the control of the Indigenous tribes, they will restore the land there back to balance. When the balance is restored, it will have a major impact on the rest of the Earth, the flora, fauna and the water supply.


Balance in ourselves, Balance on earth, Balance in the cosmos.


From the funds from the crowdfunding and donations:

- The Indigenous people bought back land that was taken from them, in order to prevent the earth from being further plundered by, among other things, mining, depletion by monoculture and cocaine plantations. Back in the hands of the Indians, the original flora and fauna will be restored.

(This is done in collaboration with the Gunnekun van de Inheemsen foundation itself, in which all (purchase) contracts are checked and secured by lawyers, among others).

- Protect Sacred Water Resources in these territories.

- In the coming years we will organize worldwide Gatherings, where we will share our wisdom and knowledge together with the Indigenous, elsewhere, visionaries and children for an earth in balance.

in English in the near future