Balance on Earth


Spirious is part of The Rainbow Foundation, whose mission is to protect the land, native soil and waters of Indigenous tribes all over the world. If the Indigenous get back their land and replant it according to ancient wisdom, the balance on Earth will be restored.

It's time that we as humans remember our origins and start working together to give back what belongs to the Earth. Many have forgotten that origin, and have lost connection with our ancestors and with the Earth. 

Most Indigenous tribes live without the internet, free from materialism and pollution with a  deep connection to the Earth, her wisdom and the wisdom of their ancestors. It is precisely from them that we can learn how to reconnect with ourselves and thus with the Earth.

It is indeed five past twelve, but not too late

Let's take care of our Earth together, an Earth in balance.


We work together for the Water with Patricia Pattinama, Water Woman @ Medicine of Peace. Together with her we regularly organize a Water Ceremony somewhere in the country to pay attention for the Sacred Waters worldwide and this year we will give special attention to the Sacred mountain Zaku Tenari in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia.

In this way we are setting a high frequency together for the Water, just as we did a few years ago for Standing Rock, the construction of the Dakota pipeline that would destroy Native birthground and nature with beautiful Sacred Waters. The pipeline that was not allowed to go ahead due to great media attention and many Water ceremonies around the globe. That is our intention again, to stand like a rock together for the Water.


On the website of Medicine of Peace you can follow where the water ceremonies take place or you can organise your own Water ceremony and we will place it on our website, so people can flow in the ceremony.